DIY Your Bedroom for Romance

Your bedroom looks drab and as you approach your 15th wedding anniversary, you want to celebrate with new romantic decor. However, you don’t want to spend a ton of money on the decor and this is where DIY projects for a bedroom comes in. Sit with your spouse and decide on what kind of romantic touches you want to add to the bedroom and then find some projects that best suits your preferences. Here are some ideas.

Fabulous Painted Breakfast Tray
Serve a romantic breakfast or dinner with a painted breakfast tray. Take a basic tray and remove the side panels from it. Then take a combination of bright and neutral colored paints and proceed to paint the main part of the tray. After letting this dry for 15 to 20 minutes, add fun paint splatters to the tray and let dry 20 more minutes more.Add a clear topcoat to the tray and return the side panels to the tray. Stencil in black large letters you and your spouse’s name and glue flowers from the yard to the main part of the tray.

Citrus Floral Arrangements
If it’s spring and you want something delicious to look at, why not create a few small vases of citrus floral arrangements? Take three to five small glass vases and fill them with two cups of water with a few drops of essential oils. Then toss in some slices of orange and lime, and place medium sized flowers.

Incorporate Egyptian Theme
The exquisite design and color schemes that were popular in ancient Egypt can be used in a bedroom makeover. Purchase some satin sheets in rich colors such as gold, teal and burgundy. Dye your pillows in colors that complement the sheets such as dark brown, silver or turquoise. Look for a bed that has a dark finish, and purchase Egyptian-inspired bedroom accessories such as animal painted vases, wallpaper with hieroglyphs, and oriental rugs.